OPENSERVE Fibre Line Solutions

Openserve Fibre connections

If you have fibre in your area, let us light it with low contention Business quality data. Our pricing includes your line rental and unlimited unthrottled data, with no soft cap.

Discount applicable for all contract renewals 12 to 36 month, Click Here

Pricing - OpenServe Fibre lines

Consumer Data

Pricing includes line rentals.

Please choose between Consumer and Business Uncapped Fibre. No Fair Usage Policy. (Contention 10:1)
Once-off Service Charges Excluded

Business Data

Pricing includes line rentals.

All lines are uncapped – unshaped. No FUP (Fair Usage Policy) (Uncontended)
Once-off Service Charges Excluded

Installation Charges

Installation charges is subject to contract period.
Discount applicable to fixed term contracts. Installation fee not applicable to contract renewals.
If discount is selected, Installation fee will apply.
1 x *Standard router included.
Upgraded routers to be billed.

Fibre Line typology information:

(Upload and Download line speeds)
20Mbps Download / 10Mbps Upload
20Mbs Symmetrical
20Mbps Download / 20Mbps Upload
40Mbps Download / 20Mbps Upload
40Mbps Symmetrical
40Mbps Download / 40Mbps Upload
75Mbps Download / 35Mbps Upload
75Mbps Symmetrical
75Mbps Download / 75Mbps Upload
200Mbps Download / 100Mbps Upload
150Mbps Download / 75Mbps Upload
150Mbps Symmetrical
150Mbps Download / 150Mbps Upload
300Mbps Download / 150Mbps Upload

Discount applicable to contract renewals: